Zeljka Turcinovic: I watched performances with contemporary directing and very good acting

Zeljka Turcinovic is selector of Croatian Theatre Showcase. Jacqueline Dobreva asked her about her impressions from the productions presented in the Showcase programme.

It’s a very good experience for me to be here, at the Bulgarian Theatre Showcase – one of the modules at Varna Summer Theatre Festival. And I can say that I like this kind of selection because in these few days I can see various performances with various kinds of theatre poetics.

I liked very much ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ and ‘Tribes’. They present contemporary directing, very good acting and interesting themes.

I also noticed the focus on solo shows this year. I liked very much “I’m My Own Wife”, which presented a very interesting story and very good acting. The actor really has the energy not just to endure the performances but he is very suggestive and very authentic.

It was interesting to me to attend the discussion ‘Censorship: Past and Present’. It opened a very good conversation and it is important for us to make the difference between what was in socialism and what is now. So I can say that the Showcase programme is very well organized, full of love, full of knowledge how to present what contemporary Bulgarian theatre is.

The project Bulgarian Theatre Showcase in supported by National Culture Fund.

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