Jean-Pierre Han: Jernej Lorenci is a real discovery

Jean-Pierre Han is vice-president of the International Association of Theatre Critics. He is at the festival as a mentor for the French-speaking group of participants in the workshop for young theatre critics. He shares his impressions of the festival programme with Anita Angelova.

For me, “Orpheus” was the most interesting performance in the festival programme and with the workshop participants we were able to continue our work by discussing it. I noticed that they were also very curious. None of them knew the work of the director Jernej Lorenci and it was really a great discovery for them. We are continuing our work on this show, and we are also discussing the way the director has woven the myth into it. That proved to be very interesting for everyone. This manner is characteristic of the director and is curious. He always leads us down paths that we don’t even know about.

I watched also “You shouldn’t have said so!”. This show failed to impress me because it’s by a French author and this manner of writing is very familiar to me. I didn’t find anything new to latch onto.

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