“Orpheus”: An eternal search for love

I know very well the work of Jernej Lorenci. He has a very precise method and I appreciate that one can always recognize it. It repeats itself but from within there are important changes regarding the story, the material he develops in a particular show. In “Orpheus” it is interesting how the private stories of the actors, the storytelling of their private experiences is combined with the rhetorical part, like telling the myth itself. And then, on the third side you have also these ritual-like elements both in speech and in physical action. Everything that I know from his work was there. The fact that they performed on a proscenium in front of a huge and empty stage, the use of a lot of musical elements, and this ritual-like action – this is something that we know from his previous work.

But what I found special in this show was this very emotional story about love and about this intense search for the lost one. I love the way how he switched from these joyful, Balkan-like wedding to the death scene. This was very strong and powerful, showing us that all of this is part of life; that you cannot separate the two of them – life and death, as we cannot separate our world from the underworld. During the break, this great actor who played Orpheus (Deyan Donkov), already started marching toward the underworld. This was a fantastic intermission because it completely linked the upper world and the underworld. Some spectators stayed to watch and experience his acting. I also stayed on my seat, as he was very present, very strong.

These are my first impressions. I think it’s very powerful piece. I like it very very much. The most touching thing was this intervening of life and death which can be overpassed by love. An eternal search for love.


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