The fiery start of the festival

This year’s festival includes three street performances from the Czech Republic. Their guest-tour is supported by the Czech Centre in Sofia among other funding bodies. Here is what its director Radka Rubilina said at the press conference on the occasion of the opening of the festival:

“The Czech Republic, or the Czechs, and Bulgaria, or the Bulgarian people, have had a long-term cooperation. In Varna especially, a lot of Czech intellectuals and teachers used to come here, they worked in the field of archaeology or urbanism and made great things, such as the Sea Garden.

They didn’t come here with the intention to show to the local people how to do things. They came with an idea, and they could realize their ideas here, in Varna. So, the first line of the cooperation is sort of finding a place where you can realize your ideas and dreams.

Radka Rubilina

This resonates with something, which is very important for the guest-performances of the Czech companies for street theatre at the festival, and this is namely the public space. In the Czech Republic we are going through a process of realizing that your life goes beyond your apartment, that you are a part of the city, you are part of a society and it’s good to do something together.

And these theatre companies in the festival programme, they are playing with this idea of a space that belongs to everyone. The performers go high up, they go down, they go into the audience, and everybody can take part in that space of theatre. So, it’s very spectacular, especially the evening show “The Propane Punk Show”, because it is with a lot of fire. In general, fire and air are the main elements you will see this summer from the Czech theatre.”

“The Propan Punk Show” Photo: Rosen Donev

On the evening of 1st June, Nezavisimost Sq. was filled with hundreds of spectators for “The Propane Punk Show” by the MansterVille & Blackout Paradox. We gathered several responses from the audience.

Nadezhda Radkova, spectator

I really liked the fiery show of the Czech company. It was great! My family and I are fans of the Varna Summer Festival. Apart from the theatre productions, we always look forward to the street performances every year. Since they have been on the programme, we bring the kids and enjoy them together. I remember one year there was a street parade with drums, and the kids are always impressed when there are artists on stilts. We need these types of events. The atmosphere is great!

Theodora, spectator

The show was magnificent. Even that word is not enough to describe it. It really was delightful and interesting. I am very impressed with the preparation of the artists who performed very difficult numbers. There was a very nice fire dance and the finale left me speechless. Every detail was worked out to the end.

“The Propan Punk Show” Photo: Rosen Donev

Iva, spectator

I think there should be more events like this here in Varna because they are really very enjoyable and memorable. The good thing is that the show is suitable for both young and old. I think it is an ideal show for the first of June.

Ellie, spectator

It was a very nice show. I attended a similar show last year, again with fire effects. It was wonderful. I am very impressed. I wish there were more street performances.

Simeon, spectator

I liked it very much. They were amazing! I hadn’t heard of this company at all until now, but they exceeded my expectations. Totally worth it, it was extremely impressive.


















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